D. Nguyen
"Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we’re quoting."
John Green (via purplebuddhaproject)
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"Here’s to all the places we went. And all the places we’ll go. And here’s to me, whispering again and again and again and again: iloveyou"
John Green (via purplebuddhaproject)
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OVO 🍂 📷: @xbrendanguyenx
Diananimal was caught in her natural habitat. 📷: @xbrendanguyenx
"They say the person who says: ‘I love you’ first, loses. I never considered love a game and I never shall. But I am glad I lost to you, because being able to finally tell you that ‘I am in love with you’ was perhaps my greatest victory."
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💒  (at Thanh-Thanh Restaurant - Arlington)
Best combo ever: restaurants that open late + @thomasdatvo. (at Daikokuya West La)